Support SVH

SVH Project Deafblind requires support from you to bring the desired changes in the lives of children / adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities.

You can be involved with them in many ways through your donations.



  • SVH takes up advocacy activities for the development of knowledge bank on deafblindness and multiple disabilities. Advocacy activities are taken up with the SVH resources and jointly with other NGOs.
  • Awareness Training of Civil Society Organisation on Deafblindness in collaboration with Sense International India
  • Leadership Training for the educators and social workers—annual event for the local NGOs in collaboration with Sense International (India) and other agencies from whom he grant is available for a particular event
  • Training of the Special Educators under Sarva Siksha Mission (WB) on management of children with deafblindness and multiple disabilities
  • Participation in the event of December 03, the International Day of Disability hosted by other agencies
  • Participation at National Trust programme on Awareness
  • A programme was launched by CBM for inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream schools; it was named Include Vidya Campaign. CBM's state partner North Bengal Council for the Disabled organisd the event onSeptember 19. A WALK ended at Rabindra Sadan premise, where a wonderful programme was held. SVh showcased the special children in mainstream schools.
  • On request from World Vision India, SVH faculty met a group of parents in a Kolkata slum for awareness of the education rights of their wards with special needs.