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SVH Project Deafblind requires support from you to bring the desired changes in the lives of children / adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities.

You can be involved with them in many ways through your donations.


Deafblind Resource Centre

This small centre turns into a multi-purpose place for different activities. These are

  • Multi-sensory training to the children who receive direct services at their residence. The use of materials for sensory stimulation, particularly vision stimulation training for the low vision, cannot be provided to the children at their residence. Hence, days and time are fixed for 4 children.
  • Occupational and physiotherapy by a consultant therapist, generally two days in a month. 8 children have a rotational turn to receive this service free of cost.
  • Parents get reimbursements of monthly medical cost of the children who are epileptic/ diabetic and require requisite doze of medicine regularly.
  • Need based aids and appliances are provided to children and young adults on the recommendation of the therapist/ophthalmologist. Most of the items are procured from approved agencies or made to order. In case of higher price, SVH provides 50% of the cost.
  • In-house training for the teachers and volunteers on disability and allied subject.
  • Official work by the part time office assistants and volunteers.