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Joel Murmu

Joel was referred to SVH by Mr M B Chhetri, the senior therapist of IICP, in 2007. Joel  was a child of 3 years with cerebral palsy (moderate), and vision  impairment. He was hyper-active and had severe attention deficit. Initially he came to the Deafblind Resource Centre on every Saturday, and a teachers worked with him on early intervention strategies. Gradually, a teacher started visiting his home.

A thorough functional assessment of his sensory abilities revealed his vision problem in reading printed materials. A structured routine work was undertaken for him; this was followed by the

teacher on two days, and the parents on other days. He started following instructions and work accordingly. It took two years to bring about the required changes in him. He was admitted into North Point School in 2008 at the kindergarten section.

Now he is in class III, and takes part in school activities also. He cannot manage Braille writing as he is not capable of holding a stylus and write through a Braille frame. Therefore, the teacher provides him necessary inputs verbally. In the school, he appears for oral examination.

Besides formal education, he is learning how to play Tabla, and sings well. Joel takes part in Annual sports every year.