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Souvik Ghosh

Souvik Ghosh, a young-adult boy of 17 years with deafblindness, stays with his parents at Rajpur, in South 24 Parganas, near  Kolkata. It is an extended Indian family set up where his parental uncle’s family stays upstair. The family belongs to  middle income category.

Souvik was delivered at 7 months of gestation. His birth weight was 1.4 kgs. There was  birth asphyxia with apnea.  Sauvik could not fix light in both the eyes. There was white retrolental fibro-vascular mass with stage V retinopathy of pre-maturity. Souvik also has severe bilateral sensory-neural deafness.

Souvik was referred to Society for the Visually Handicapped by a teacher of a local blind school in 2003. First functional assessment of Souvik was done at Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy by Gargi Sinha Majumdar and Ruma Chatterjee in 2004.Assessment revealed that

Souvik was found to be  an intelligent boy with lots of signs/gestures which indicated his mood/desire/disapproval

  • It was understood by the assessors that Souvik gave proper social gestures and he would cooperate if intervention activities are undertaken

SVH started sending special educator to his residence twice in a week from November 2004. He responded to vibrations & smell very well. The educator could identify Souvik’s cooperative expressions to the activities. He was able to understand sign.

 Impact of  training

  • He can now take care of his immediate needs
  • can use signs & gesture for his needs
  • can follow given instructions very well
  • has proper orientation of his residence & quite independent in indoor mobility

for outdoor mobility, he uses cane with minimum assistance

  • enjoys  the vibrations of music
  • goes to shop for shopping & temple with little  assistance
  • can swim independently in a local pond
  • can adjust himself in a social gathering very well


Transition planning

When Souvik was of 14 years, he required proper planning for transition. He had been introduced  to paper folding, paper cutting, gum application, etc. He is now making newspaper  envelopes.  He enjoys the processes of making these products.

Anita and Swapan are now happy that Sauvik could achieve these developmemts! They look forward for the day when he will be able to earn his livelihood and live a life with minimum dependence.